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May 9, 2018 4:08 pm

The Parker 99R Out Performs Other Safety Razor In 2018

Since the discovery of the razor blade, men have valued the smooth shave. Before it was perfected, many men struggled with the snicks and cuts that they received from inferior blades. It was not uncommon to see men with bandages, and other materials, on their faces after shaving. Modern technology has made it possible for vast improvements in the razor blade. Men can enjoy the smooth shave that was once only afforded by a barber shop, in the privacy of their own home. Manufacturers of the razor blade have made many strides in the improvement of this small, most important grooming device.

Good looks are important

In the fashion conscious society of today, men want to look their best at all times, and this includes a close, smooth shave. Even if they wear a beard, they want the contour to be neat, and well edged, which means using a safety razor blade that will not nick, or cut. To be trendy in the way that the face looks is as important as being trendy in what they wear. For a man, being clean shaven is equivalent to a woman having the most enhancing makeup. Men buy razors for what they hope they can do, but all razors are not created equal.

Getting the best razor for the money

In order to determine which safety razor performs best for men, research studies were done with the assistance of several men from different backgrounds. In the quest to find the best safety razor, these men were given seven top rated razors to test. Without a doubt, the safety razor that rendered the best shave was the Parker 99R. This razor was rated the number one safety razor choice because of the comfort, maneuverability, ease in loading, and its construction material. It got the job done quickly, and without being problematic. A detailed review of it can be found on gazblogs.

The razor that provides fashionable faces

Being the best rated safety razor among the men that were studied, the Parker 99R had very little cuts and nicks, and there was no issue with the men getting the close shave that they desired. This safety razor is not heavy, but is easy to hold and manage. It cleans up easily, and fast. A man could get his shaving done in less time than with razors such as the cartridge styles. Male models have to be just a fashionable as female models, and their faces are what often sell their product. Men who are not models want to look just as good as models, and it starts with the face.

The Parker 99R safety razor has a brass handle that is chrome plated, and a butterfly balanced design. It is not only eye appealing, but it is virtually impossible to have a shaving experience that is anything but good. Many of the popular brands of safety razors were tested during this two month trial, but none out performed the Parker 99R.

There is no need to worry about cuts on fingers or hands, it is as easy to load as a flash light battery.

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November 29, 2017 2:45 am

Recognizing Great Collage Paper

High-Quality Collage Supplies

Great supplies are key to everything in this life. If you want to create a wonderful mural, you need to have the right paint. If you want to create a lovely collage, on the other hand, you need to have the perfect paper. It makes total sense. A collage can make a compelling and fascinating form of artwork. If you want to create a fantastic collage that puts all of the best things about you on display for everyone to see, then you need to make sure first that you get the ideal kind of paper. It’s important for people to be able to identify collage paper that’s strong. It’s just as important for them to be able to recognize collage paper that’s not strong. The differences are in many cases obvious.

Choosing Collage Paper Wisely

Don’t just buy any type of paper for your future collage. Approach the purchase process with care. It can be problematic to simply buy the only paper you see on the shelf at your local arts and supplies store. It can be a disaster to buy the most popular paper available at your nearest drugstore, too. Do a lot of “studying” in advance. Find out about collage paper options that have many fans. Ask people you know for tips, too. If you have any artist friends, they may be able to offer you sound guidance. Ask them about papers they regularly use for collage purposes. It can help to ask about specific brand names and product types. If you can’t get any recommendations from people you know, you don’t have to worry. You can also try to find recommendations on the Internet. Look at websites that sell stationery and arts and crafts products. Look for online retailers that feature product reviews of all types as well.

Strength Is Essential

Strong and durable paper is imperative. You honestly cannot ignore that fact. Collage paper has to be able to properly support other kinds of paper. It has to be able to support images and fabrics of all varieties, too. That’s why it’s critical to make an effort to choose paper that’s tough. Flimsy paper won’t do your collage any justice. It may lead to a collage that has an early expiration date. If you want your collage to be something that stays around for a long time, you need to use the best materials. Don’t ever scrimp on them.

Look for Papers That Were Made Solely for Collage Applications

There are many quality papers that are suitable for collage use. It can be intelligent, however, to look specifically for papers that were made for collage applications. There are many options that are labeled as “collage papers.” Zeroing in on collage paper alone can make the purchase process a lot easier. It can save you time. It can keep indecision and frustration out of your life, too. Your aim should be to look for paper that can stay strong for a long period. Paper attractiveness is always vital. More information can be found at this website : Collage Australia.

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November 24, 2017 11:02 am

Facts to Note About the Taxotere

A cancer diagnosis presents one of the greatest difficulties an individual can face in life. It presents a unique challenge capable of bringing any person to their wit’s end. It is therefore sad that there are pharmaceutical companies out there that manufacture chemotherapy and other cancer management drugs that value profits over the welfare of the patients. If you have been diagnosed with cancer or know a person who has, chances are high that you must have heard about or come across a drug known as Taxotere. What is Taxotere? Taxotere is a cancer-treatment drug that is manufactured and sold by a chief pharmaceutical company known as Sanofi-Aventis. The company is outside France but markets its products globally. The Taxotere drug is particularly used in chemotherapy in the U.S. It is mostly used in the treatment of breast cancer and other types of cancer. The drug is administered intravenously and slows down the rate of cancer cell growth in the patient’s body. When this drug was first introduced in the market, it became the go-to-treatment especially among women suffering from breast cancer. Around 75% of patients suffering from breast cancer were advised to use Taxotere as a way of fighting cancer.


Side Effects of Taxotere


From the information available, the use of Taxotere in chemotherapy results in very unfavorable side effects. A number of common side effects associated with using Taxotere include fatigue, nausea, pain, vomiting etc. The most profound side effect of using the drug is hair loss. Cancer patients experience some sort of hair loss during the course of chemotherapy treatment. The use of Taxotere led to some people suffering from permanent hair loss. In normal circumstances, when a cancer patient loses their hair due to chemotherapy, it usually grows back after the treatment procedure. The use of Taxotere left a lot of patients suffering from permanent hair loss (alopecia), which adversely affects them together with their families.


Taxotere Lawsuit


Despite Sanofi-Aventis being a global company marketing its products throughout the world, it did not warn its customers in the USA of the drug’s potential to cause permanent hair loss. The company had warned its customers in other areas of the potential dangerous side effect but did not issue the same important warning to users in the U.S. This led to a high number of patients using Taxotere without knowing that it had devastative side effects. It was only in 2015 when the FDA issued a warning about the use of Taxotere after several instances of permanent alopecia were reported that people realized its dangerous side effects. Sanofi had indicated on their United States’ labels that the hair lost due to the use of Taxotere would grow back after completion of the treatment. However, a large number of women in the United States suffered permanent hair loss as a result of using Taxotere without getting a clear warning of its effects by the manufacturers. A large number of these affected women filed a taxotere lawsuit against the manufacturer for failing to disclose to them this important information. The lawsuits were in early October consolidated into a Multi-District Litigation (MDL) proceeding in order to streamline the high number of lawsuits based on similar facts.

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November 6, 2017 1:05 pm

Taxotere And The Link With Hair Loss?

Taxotere is a anti-cancer,plant alkaloid drug that is used for chemotherapy treatment.It works by killing cancer cells and stop cell division.When a normal cell comes in contact with a cell like it’s own it stops a process called cell inhibition. Cancerous cells do not have this ability and is not able to stop like normal cells. Taxotere works by killing the RNA or DNA that tells cells how to copy themselves during cell division.If a cell is not able to divide they die. Taxotere is most effective during the process when the cells are dividing.The sad part about Taxotere is it is not able to tell what is a cancerous cell and what is a normal cell that is why there is so much side affects when going through chemotherapy. So, What Are the Common Taxotere Side Effects ?

One major side affect is losing hair all over the body during chemotherapy treatment. The reason this occurs is because hair folicles and the lining of the mouth and stomach are areas where cells multiply fast just like cancerous cells. The good news is that normal cells in the body have the ability to become normal again once chemotherapy treatment is done. So hair loss is only a temporary side effect. There are people who claim to have permanent hair lost after going through chemotherapy with Taxotere and even though there claims are valid it is not valid for everyone. Everyone’s body is different and there ability to have there normal cells turn back normal all depends on the person.There are those who have there hair grow right back after using Taxotere. Some even claim to have there hair grow back with a different color, texture or curls.

There is also a correlation with patients who have biochemical impairment of the liver functions and those with normal liver function. Those with biochemical impairment liver function almost always will suffer from full hair lost during chemotherapy and may even develop permanent hair loss while those with normal liver only suffer minimum hair loss and usually have hair returning to normal after 3-6 months from Texatere chemotherapy.Some patients even start to grow there hair back during chemotherapy treatment.

Some patients may try to use treatments such as, scalp cooling or using tight bands to reduce hair loss but there is no real evidence that it works and it can have a adverse effect because it limits the chemotherapy treatment from that area of the body.

Even though hair loss seems to be a major concern for cancer patients there is minimum research or support for them. Dealing with such a major health problem is hard enough for one to cope with and having to do a treatment that causes more lost to a persons body is even more worst. Not having more options to deal with a major illness seems cruel. There should be more research done for those with cancer. There is the option of wearing a wig or using a head wrap or scarf but it is only a temporary fix.Acceptance of ones appearance seems to be there only option in a life or death situation. My prayers go out for those with cancer.

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October 17, 2017 3:26 pm

Top Four Big Barrel Baseball Bats

Big-barrel bats are used by hitters in youth leagues that do not prohibit bats with a barrel diameter larger than 2 1/4 inches. Typically, youth leagues will allow big barrel baseball bats with a diameter of either 2 3/4 or 2 5/8 inches with a length-to-weight ratio between 5:1 and 12:1. Baseball bats big barrel provide the younger hitter a larger surface area for which to hit the ball. Here are the top four big barrel bats for youth players:

Easton Mako Composite Big Barrel Bat

The Mako composite big barrel bat has a 2 3/4 inch diameter with a 10:1 length-to-weight ratio. This bat is equipped with a 29/32 centimeter composite handle and a 1.2mm grip for a firm, no-slip hold, even if the hands are sweaty. The composite technology transfers energy quickly and efficiently from the hands to the barrel of the bat and the light weight provides unmatched swing speed. This bat will allow the hitter to make better contact with the ball, hitting it harder, further and more often.

Wilson DeMarini CF8 Senior League Big-Barrel Bat

Designed for the hitter who seeks to hammer line drives past fielders, the DeMarini CF8 is a 28 inch, 17 oz composite bat with a white-neon green-silver color scheme. This bat is the peak of hitting technology for players who want it all. Employing the same revolutionary composites as the heavier CF8s, the DeMarini is one of the top performing big barrel bats on the market. The DeMarini CF8 is an easy swinging bat with a fast power transfer and has such perfect balance hitters will forget it is in their hands. With a new, extra-long barrel and a colossal sweet spot, hitters will get more bang with every swing.

Combat WANSL108 Big-Barrel Bat

The Combat Wanted Big Barrel is a professional-grade senior league bat with an 8:1 length-to-weight ratio, making it the perfect bat for older hitters. The bat looks both professional and stylish at the same time, with an inspirational sky blue and white color scheme. One of the best features of the WANSL108 is the integrated single wall construction surface of the 2 5/8 inch barrel. The unique single wall construction provides an additional measure of swinging power to pack an extra punch each and every time the ball is hit. An ultra-performance no-slip lizard skin grip is designed to deliver a superior grasp, even when the hands are sweaty.

Rawlings SLRP34 Prodigy Big Barrel Bat

With a 10:1 length-to-weight ratio, the Rawlings SLRP34 Prodigy is the perfect high-performance bat for the free swinging little hitter. The kids love the somewhat funky orange and white color combination of the 2 3/4 big barrel Prodigy. Made out of a top-grade aerospace-quality alloy, this bat enables even the smallest hitters to swing smoothly and accurately. At 26 inches long and weighing just 16 oz, the Prodigy is perfectly balanced and the synthetic leather grip ensures that little hands stay on the bat throughout the swing.

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July 17, 2017 9:40 am

What are cool gifts for guys?

The best thing about gifts is that there is always something that you can get that will make someone’s life easier. When people are interested in cool gifts for guys they have a lot of options to consider. It all just depends on what the man you are shopping for likes.

The Perfect Tie

Everyone that is interested in getting a gift for men will not go wrong with the tie. There are so many beautiful ties available for people that are interested in getting a nice tie.

Portable Technology

One of the best thing about portable technology is that you can never have enough of it. Getting a man a portable hard drive or a flash drive is a good idea. Men can never have too much storage equipment.

The tablets are also very popular as well. The iPad or the Kindle is always a nice device for anyone that is trying to get a man some cool gift for guys that they can use anywhere that they go. It doesn’t matter if they already have one.

The Ultimate Tool Set

The tool set is good even if you are buying a gift for someone that is not a handy man. There will always be a time where there will be something that will be broken in the home. The tool set has evolved in a whole new way. There are full tool sets that come in a lot of different flavors. Socket wrench sets are good. Other things like screwdriver sets are good as well. Some people will be able to acquire those gifts that are designed to make life easier.


There are so many different colognes for people that like to smell good. There are a wide assortment of colognes and body sprays available. People just have to get a feel for what is actually going to work the best for the person that they are getting the gift for. Some men like the body sprays that they can put all over their body. Others will desire the cologne that they put behind their ears. It all just depends on what a person is interested in and how they like to apply it.

Technology Gifts

There are a ton of technology gifts that people can get for men. Speakers are always favorable. Wireless headphones are decent for people that are trying to get a gift for a man. There are also some people that are going to embrace portable devices like tablets. There are a wide assortment of gift ideas available for anyone that is trying to get a man a cool gadget.

Bottle Opener / Bottles of Wine

If you know that the man that you are interested in buying a gift for is a wine lover you have to consider the benefits of this. A man that likes wine will be able to use a bottle opener. This is a great gift ideal for anyone that may have a wine collection. There are a lot of people that are going to take interest in wines that they can add to their collection.

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July 14, 2017 9:04 am

Treating Epilepsy with CBD

What is Cannabis and Hemp CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is derived from marijuana. It’s one of two cannabinoids in the naturally occurring plant that binds to receptors in the human brain. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the other agent. THC induces psychoactive effects in recreational users, effects they refer to as “getting high” or “stoned.” CBD doesn’t contain THC, so its users don’t get “high.” Instead, CBD is extracted from marijuana plants for the primary purpose of treating many diseases and ailments, such as epilepsy.

While CBD derived from cannabis is not currently legal in all 50 states in America, its alternative is legal on the federal level. As its name suggests, Hemp CBD is derived from the hemp plant. Like it cannabis counterpart, it doesn’t contain psychoactive properties. Readily available in stores in most states and online, Hemp CBD comes in a variety of forms: mouth spray, drops, pills, even chocolate bars, and ranges in potency from 1 milligram (mg) to 25 mg.

Using CBD to Treat Epilepsy.

While newer studies continue to emerge, several existing studies show positive benefits of CBD on patients suffering from epilepsy. One study, which appeared in Lancet Neurology, showed a 54% decrease in seizures among subjects using CBD or CBD Vape. Another study showed a 40% decrease. While CBD isn’t currently a cure-all for epilepsy, its chemical properties can greatly reduce seizures, especially when used in conjunction with anti-seizure medication, such as Clobazam.

Unlike anti-seizure medication, however, CBD possesses mild side effects, such as sleepiness, fatigue, and diarrhea. A small percentage of users may experience worse seizures, so keep this serious, though uncommon, side effect in mind when you’re considering using CBD.

As with any medication, you should consult your doctor before using CBD and inquire on instructions for use. Commonly, patients use it one to three times daily. Depending on the kind of CBD you’re using—whether it’s a spray or a pill and depending on its potency—you might want to consider starting with minimal doses, for example once daily. If its efficacy isn’t to your satisfaction, then you should work your way up to two or even three times a day.

Its efficacy may take time to emerge, so don’t feel discouraged if you don’t experience immediate results. If you’ve taken the time to adjust the dose to your satisfaction, and you’re still not experiencing the desired effects, consult a professional who might help you find a better strategy. Keep in mind, however, that consistency is key to a successful regiment: don’t take medication sporadically. If you take it in the morning, at dinner, and before bed, for example, then try to maintain consistency every day.

CBD Strains in Marijuana

If you live in a state with legal marijuana and you don’t mind the psychoactive side effects of smoking it, then you can purchase a variety of high CBD marijuana strains. Specially cultivated with a high CBD to THC ratio, these strains were selected and engineered to magnify the properties of CBD. As with CBD derivatives, you should smoke marijuana consistently, treating it no differently than you would treat a pill or a droplet of CBD. Keep in mind, however, that this from of CBD delivery will get you “stoned,” so take it in safe surroundings and try not to operate cars or heavy equipment while under the influence.

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July 4, 2017 11:50 am

Tips For finding the best deals online when Booking a Holiday

The Best Deals on Flights

There are a lot of people that are looking for some great deals when people are interested in traveling for the holidays, but people have to take the time to find these deals. There are some cheap flights for people to consider, but people will often need apps to get these random prices. A lot of people are looking for a cheap method of travel because this is typically the most important part of the trip. It is rare for find a good deal of you wait until the last couple of days before the traveling. That is why you have to consider using apps that can help you get better flight deals.

The Comparison Sites

Many people that are looking for a good deal will be able to find exactly what they are interested in when they use a comparison app or site that posts great coupons all the time, like โปรโมชั่น Promotion. This is how people will get the best prices. When people take the time to compare the different type of websites that are available they find better prices. There are people that are interested in the sales need to make sure that they check in advance.

Family Packages

There are quite a few people that are going to be interested in getting a family package for the holidays. People that like the trips for the summer holidays can easily find a good deal. They just have to know in advance what they are planning to do. Sometimes the best thing that people can do is actually book family package trips booked during the holidays. There are a lot of people that are going to be able to find some discounts for the holidays without no problems, but they will usually have to look at the special offers for the very beginning of the summer.

The Unusual Last Minute Deals

If you don’t mind getting a red eye flight it may be easy to get a last minute deal. That is where a lot of people take chances for find some of the lowest prices. It is easy to find some deals on hotels, but there is also a risk associated with any type of last minute vacation deals. You can get a good deal, but there is a chance that you may miss out on any type of deal if you wait for too long.

The Rental Property

At times there are going to be some great deals on rentals for vacation homes during the holidays. People will be surprised to discover that there can some great rental properties that may cost less than the actual hotel rooms. This is one of the reasons that so many people have become accustomed to looking for condos when they are vacationing sometimes.

Consider a Different Destination For Vacationing

Don’t write your vacation plans in stone. When you are flexible it is definitely easier to find a much better vacation package. Anyone that is look for a vacation plan will be able to find better deals if they can pick something that is different than the vacation plan that they may have originally considered.

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July 4, 2017 11:00 am

Grow Your Instagram Follower Base Faster

There is no time like now to get to know and use Instagram! This photo-sharing app, which is not only fun and easy to use but also has become growingly popular, has more than 300 million different users every single day and user engagement levels that are sky-high. The company also just announced that they are going to open up different business tools, which includes new profiles just for businesses, analytics and will even have the ability to create different ads from all posts that are directly in the app.

A quick glance back:

With Instagram offering these great brand-friendly features, it is a great idea for businesses to get acquainted using Instagram for their different business marketing needs. There are many different ways that businesses can grow their followers for Instagram, as well as personal accounts being able to grow their follower base, as well. One of the easiest ways to do this is by paying for new followers.

The best way to go about buying followers is by using a company that has a bot which will automatically follow and like different accounts and will then later unfollow them. How this cycle works is that people will see that the account has been followed, they will check out the profile and then they will follow the account themselves. The reason this works so well is because it uses the typical Instagram etiquette. By unfollowing the account, the Instagram account isn’t being bogged down by random accounts that won’t actually create any business by anything other than getting real accounts to follow.

To help the organic aspect of account growth, it is also a good idea to use a lot of different hashtags. Look for different accounts that also are geared towards things similar to the account that is trying to be increased and then follow some of those followers as well as liking some of those posts. The hope is that the users will see that the account engaged with them and will then follow back.

There are many different bots as well as services that can be used to grow Instagram accounts by generating paid followers. The accounts that can be used are abundant and they typically seem as though they are fake. However, with a little researching, real services can be found – such as Boostgram. It is easy to get everything set up and all that has to be done is linking the account with Boostgram and then choosing some different settings and the followers will be on their way! The process typically is the same as finding followers alone but it is quite a bit faster!

Whether looking to grow a business, grow a personal account or just looking for a quick way to gain new followers with the same interests, using a bot service can be an easy way to do this. Although the price can get quite expensive, starting at about $99/month, it can be an easy and efficient way to grow a business. If looking to save some money, growing a followers base the old fashion way can be a lot cheaper but may take longer. The choice is up to each user

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June 26, 2017 12:26 pm

The Benefits Of Using An International Removals Service

Moving is a complicated process that is difficult to do alone. You may find that it is difficult to pack and move your belongings on your own, and you may ask a removals company to help you – our tip: Removals to Europe. These companies have a plan that will ensure you are moved properly, and they will use the steps in this article to service your account. Each step in the process will make your move as simple as possible, and you will avoid problems that often occur when you are doing the job alone.

#1: They Pack For You

You may ask the removals company to pack for you, and they will show you how simple it is to pack and organize everything you have. You have many years of items in the house that you must pack, and you may ask the company to do the work for you. They will help you make sure that you have the packing items you need, and they will show you the simplest way to pack your items when you have questions. They will show you how to pack fragile items, and they will show you how simple it is to mark and inventory your boxes.

For anything else, check these awesome moving hacks:

#2: The Inventory

You must inventory your boxes to ensure that you are able to track them, and you may continue to track your boxes without any trouble once they are delivered. The removal firm will go over the inventory when all the boxes come off the truck. They will not allow the move to close until they have accounted for everything.

#3: Packing The Trucks

The removals firm will pack your truck, train or plane, and they will se to it that your items have landed in the proper location. They will pack the freight shipping containers properly, and they will show you how your items should look when they arrive in the final destination. You must ask the company how to pack large shipping pallets, and they will talk to you about any customs payments or other payments you must make. They will charge you for these payments before you send your items, and you will not be surprised by the payments you must be made.

#4: Lower Prices

You may ask them to charge you lower prices when you are shipping long distances, and the company will find lower rates that they may pass on to you. It is quite simple to complete this process, and you will notice how simple it is to keep the cost of the move as low as possible. You should not spend all your money on a move when you are using a company that must represent your interests. These companies will give you every opportunity to save money, and they will do the majority of the work for you.

You may move across borders any time you like, and you will save money on this process when you are using the international removals company that does this work every day.

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May 18, 2017 10:37 am

Treat yo'self! Feel Great at a Nearby Spa

A Day at the Spa

It can often be difficult to cope with the stresses of modern life. You probably find yourself in a bad mood once in a while. Work demands can take a toll. Social lives and interpersonal relationships can do the same. If you’re looking for a temporary escape from all of the things that make you want to scream and shout every day, your best bet may be to head to a nearby spa for a day of beauty and taking it easy. What can be more relaxing than a nice facial, body wrap or massage? You deserve to treat yourself when the need strikes. Occasional spa visits can actually do wonders for your well-being, health and state of mind, check out the spas near you in a beauty directory and treat yourself to a relaxing day of awesomeness.

Spa Visits Can Help You Sleep Better at Night

Insomnia is a big problem for people all around the world. If you’re someone who finds it hard to fall and stay asleep at night, regular trips to the spa may be able to help you. Spa treatments are frequently linked to enhanced sleep hygiene. If you want to say goodbye to restless nights and feeling exhausted all week long, some time at the spa could benefit you in a significant way.

Spa Visits Can Make You More Productive and Reliable at Work

Visits to the spa are also thought to minimize sick days. If you regularly take off work due to feeling under the weather, routine spa visits could change that for you. It can be stressful to miss valuable time at work due to the flu and cold. If you’re interested in being a powerhouse in your career, you should think about heading to the nearest spa for a little rest, relaxation and beautification. Spa trips not only can reduce your sick days. They can also make you markedly less likely to end up in the hospital.

Spa Visits Can Help Get Chronic Pain Under Control

Chronic pain is a problem for so many people everywhere. If you suffer from muscle spasms, sciatica or arthritis, constant pain may feel like a fact of life for you. Massage treatments, however, may be able to change that. Massage therapy is often thought to help get pain under control. If you want to enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle that’s free of nonstop pain and discomfort, it may be time to research prominent spas in your area.

Spa Visits Can Help Improve the Appearance of Your Skin

Beautiful skin is a dream for many people. Body polishes are popular spa treatments. If you’re interested in mild exfoliation techniques that can encourage cellular replenishment and pores that are less visible, body polish treatments at spas may be ideal for you.

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May 9, 2017 1:06 pm

Looking for a garage heater? Read this guide first.

Garages offer an excellent solution to problems of space within a house. They can be used for a host of different projects and purposes. However, due to their basic construction, garages are often poorly insulated. This means the temperature of the garage will fluctuate with the weather outside. This makes it difficult or even impossible to work during the colder months. Garage heaters fix this problem by acting as a source of central heating. This is a quick guide suggesting ideas to keep in mind when looking for a garage heater. If you want to check out some more detailed reviews on individual heaters, check out the review section at CatLitterExpert.

Choosing the Right Kind!

Space Heaters

When referring to garage heaters, a majority of people think about the free-standing, mobile heaters. However, there are many different options to choose from. The first step will be to decide which kind fits your needs the best. The main plus behind space heaters is that they are affordable and portable. However, they only have enough power to heat a small amount of space. Propane and kerosene space heaters that lack proper ventilation can release harmful carbon dioxide into the air. Direct-vent space heaters that are installed into a wall and utilize combustion air for heating are also an option.

Wood Stoves

Wood stoves offer a more traditional style of heating, although many will find this method unorthodox for a garage. While these stoves offer an excellent source of warmth, they are not quick to start or finish. They require preparation and stoking to reach maximum warmth. Also, wood stoves will take a considerable amount of time to cool down after use. However, another plus is the ability to use scrap wood and other kindling in the stove. Overall, wood stoves will provide an excellent and reliable source of heating but may not be ideal for certain situations.

Electric Heaters

Electric heaters are among the newer and more modern styles of garage heating. Unlike some propane or kerosene heaters, electric heaters don’t release any harmful chemicals into the air. While these models are very easy and inexpensive to install, they can be expensive to run over the long term. Due to their electrical use, this style of heating is very versatile. It can be installed into the garage floors, baseboards or simply into the wall. This offers home owners more flexibility than the other garage heating options. Furthermore, electric heaters will inevitably take up less space than their bulkier counterparts. More space is always a plus for those consistently working in garages.

An example of a perfect electric garage heater is the NewAir G73:

Heating Power

Another important factor to consider is heating power. Each heating unit will have a maximum output in terms of heat. The space of the garage and the goal temperature will be the most important factors to consider when selecting a heating output.


Due to the volatile nature of space heaters, it is important to consider safety when choosing an electric heater. The size of the garage, the objects in the garage and the amount of use it will receive are all crucial factors to consider when purchasing a garage heater.

So, dump the firewood and heat it up!

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May 1, 2017 8:24 am

Stoked for your baby? Buy a stokke changing table!

Part of decorating your nursery is deciding on a color scheme and picking out functional furniture to match it. While a changing table might not be the primary focus of your nursery, it is essential because babies go through an average of 2,000 diapers in their first year of life. An adequate changing table gives you a safe space to change your baby with all your supplies readily accessible. You’ll conveniently have everything you could possibly need during a diaper change including diapers, wipes, ointments, lotion and a change of clothes at the changing table.


Not all changing tables are the same height. They tend to range from 36 to 43 inches. You want to get one that is appropriate for your height to prevent back pain during diaper changes. Brands such as stoke offer adjustable height tables to allow you to adjust it as needed. You won’t have to worry about assembling it and finding out that it’s too short or tall for your needs.


A changing table is more than just a surface. You need it to have room to hold your diaper changing essentials. Ensure that you have adequate space. Standard tables use drawers, but a more modern approach is the use of slide-out baskets that can be organized and customized the way you want. Other features that expand capabilities include attached containers on the sides or hangers to keep items such as blankets readily accessible. Drawers are more convenient for items that curious baby hands might want to play with, such as the wipes and creams.


Safety is a top concern when buying any baby products. Ensure that the table you buy keeps your baby secure by having barriers on all four sides. Contoured designs only require barriers on two of the four sides. A contoured design with an open bottom gives you the benefit of being closer to your baby for a more intimate bonding experience. Even with safety guards in place, you should never leave your baby unattended for any amount of time. They move much faster than you think.

Prolonged Use

You’ll only need your changing table for a few years, but what are you going to do after the diaper stage is over? Get a changing table that functions as a dresser as well or one that can be converted into something such as a desk for your child to use, such as Stokke changing tables. Stokke has a really good reputation and their products are superb quality.

The initial investment will be a bit higher than anticipated, but you’ll get the full value of its worth by using it far beyond your child’s infant years.

Furnishing your baby’s nursery should be focused on both appearance and function. Everything can coordinate and also be functional to give you and your baby the best possible experiences during their infancy. As your child grows the nursery evolves into their bedroom with a simple reminder of how everything began by keeping a memorable piece of furniture.


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April 29, 2017 8:12 am

Benefits of brow stamp over traditional eyebrow makeup

What Is A Brow Stamp?

A brow stamp is what it sounds like. It’s a stamp that you put over the eyes where the brow should be on the skin. It’s an option for those who don’t have eyebrows or who want a fuller look after waxing or plucking the brows. There are a few benefits to the brow stamp that you might not be able to get with eyebrow makeup.


Benefits Of The Brow Stamp

One of the noted benefits of this design is that it doesn’t tend to fade away or rub off like makeup would. The eyebrow is created with a stamp that is similar to what you would have if you were making a stamp on a piece of paper. It’s a way to give perfectly shaped and placed brows as you can easily adjust where the stamp is placed compared to using makeup that might smear while putting it on the eyes. The stamp will often last the entire day as long as you don’t rub at the eyes on a regular basis.

There is a sponge with the stamp that is used to create the design. You also have powder that is used to fill in the eyebrow design that is stamped. The sponge is gently dabbed onto the skin to give the look that is desired. There are a few different sponge designs to choose from depending on how you want the brows to look. You can create an arched design or one that is thin and detailed. Some of the brow stamps have intricate details that you simply can’t get with makeup.

Neat, right?
As with any other makeup tool or even a stamp that is offers more support for the product that is used, the stamp design should last most of the day. Excess moisture can cause the stamp to go away faster than if you were in a cooler and drier environment. The stamp is ideal for those who are in a hurry to do makeup and don’t have the time to use powders and pencils to create and eyebrow design.

The stamp is easier than using a pencil as all you have to do is press the sponge against the skin. Once it’s in the right spot, you firmly press down until the shape is present. It’s easy to wash away the stamp to create another design if you have time to play with the different techniques that are available. You do want to dampen the sponge a bit so that the powder that is used will adhere a bit better to the sponge before it’s put on the skin. There are different shades of the powder available with the stamp. The shapes that are created are even in their design, which is an added benefit compared to the makeup that you might use with a pencil or a brush.

Some people even do their own brow stamps, like this user on reddit:

Decided to make my own eyebrow stencil, CCW! from MakeupAddiction

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April 24, 2017 8:15 am

What to Look For in a Good Home Water Filtration System

Filtering your home drinking water can provide a great number of benefits as it ensures that you and your family are protected from potential contaminants. Despite the fact that it has been treated by your local water treatment plant, most drinking water still contains a range of heavy metals, chemicals and even prescription medications.

These contaminants can potentially lead to a range of health issues, which is why it’s always a good idea to filter your water before drinking it. There are many different types of home water filters that can be effective at removing these contaminants. However, it’s important that you actually know what sort of contaminants are in your drinking water, as this will be important in determining which type of filtration system is best.


What’s In Your Water?

The first step to choosing a water filtration system is to learn a bit more about the quality of your drinking water. For those whose home is connected to the residential water supply, you can usually obtain a free copy of your water quality report from your local water authority or utility company. On the other hand, if you use a well or other private water source, you’ll either want to buy a home water testing kit or hire someone to test your water.


Types of Home Water Filters

Certain types of filtration systems will effectively filter out the majority of chemicals, heavy metals and other contaminants, while others may only work to filter out certain materials. This is why it is necessary to know what’s in your water so you can know what you’re up against.

If your water is mostly free from contaminants, you can probably get away with just using a point-of-use filter such as a pitcher or one that attaches to your faucet. However, these typically aren’t nearly as effective as an undersink model. These typically use more advanced filtration methods to ensure the water is fully clean before leaving the tap.

Alternatively, you can also consider a whole-house filtration system. Although these are more expensive, they filter the water as it enters the home, thus ensuring that fresh, clean water flows from every single faucet.


Common Methods of Filtering Water

Carbon Filters. The simplest type of filter, these use activated carbon that is effective at removing most odors and bad taste from the water. In addition, they remove the majority of chlorine, pesticides and other chemicals. However, they typically aren’t that effective at removing mercury, iron and other metals.

Reverse Osmosis. This type of system uses pressure to force the water through a membrane, which works to trap in the majority of particles and can even transform saltwater into something that’s perfectly drinkable. Generally, these are used in conjunction with other types of filters as part of a multi-stage system. One example is the iSpring RCC7, which is a five-stage filtration system that uses reverse osmosis along with two carbon filters and a polypropylene sediment filter.

Sounds fancy? Not sure how it works? Let’s find out!

They are also used for large scale reverse osmosis desalination plants, like this one in Barcelona:

Ion Exchange. This type of filtration system can effectively remove metals and other harmful elements and replace them with ones that are perfectly safe. These systems use a special resin, which traps potentially harmful ions and exchanges them with safe ones. One example is copper, which is trapped and replaced by sodium ions.

When choosing a water filtration system, it is usually best to go with one that offers at least two or three different stages of filters. The reason being that even the best filters aren’t always effective at removing every type of contaminant. However, by going with a three-, four- or five-stage filtration system, you can be assured that the majority of the contaminants are removed and your drinking water is safe.

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February 28, 2017 10:37 am

Best Sewing Machines for Beginners

Many of us ‘older adults’ remember wearing home made clothes to school or to our proms. For several decades, cheap factory clothing made in bulk, made sewing one’s own clothes an expensive affair. Within recent years, the art of sewing is making a comeback, with sewing classes growing in number. With so many new beginning sewers, its important to make sure that one purchases the best sewing machine for beginners. There are a few models that stand out as the best on the market – remember, these are just a few mentions, be sure to check out the website above to find out about more models.


The Janome Magnolia 7318


The Janome Magnolia 7318 is considered to be on the best machines for first time sewers because of its quality, options and price. With its easy to read control buttons and top loading bobbin, this is a good choice for the beginning seamstress.


Brother XL26001


The free swinging arm of this Brother machine makes is a great choice for the beginner. The machine offers one step button hole sizing. making learning to make button holes an easy task. Another great feature is the needle illumination for easy needle threading.


Imax LSS-202 Mini 2-Speed Sewing Machine


This is the perfect beginning machine for the young person wanting a fun design and versatile machine. It comes complete with its own foot pedal and can be bought in three colors: white, pink and purple. But keep in mind that it can only sew on light materials, such as silk and denim.


Singer One-Easy-To-Use Computerized Sewing Machine


This machine has an automatic needle threader for beginners. It also features a unique pressure foot sensor that alerts the user before starting the machine, if the foot is in the down position. The slanted front edge makes handling material easier as you sew. In addition, this machine is well lit up, with 3 LED lights makes seeing your sewing easier.


Singer 2758 Stylist


This is another computerized machine loaded with 100 various stitch options. Its comes with an automatic thread tension selector that self adjusts to the thickness of the fabric. The one of a kind electronic auto pilot for long stitches, makes it easier for beginners to learn to sew longer stitches.


Beginning sewing machines run the gamut price wise from around $25 to as much as $1500. However, the average price runs around $150 to $250 for a first time sewing machine. It isn’t necessary to have a lot of accessories when beginning sewing. Make a list of features that you want in your first machine and match what each brand has to offer. Research carefully to ensure you purchase the model that is right for your beginning sewing needs. Then sit down and learn the joy of sewing that generations before you have enjoyed.

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December 16, 2016 12:24 pm

How to Travel When Working on a Full Time Job

A lot of people today are traveling different parts of the world while working a full time job. You might be wondering how is this possible? The reality is that there are many opportunities waiting for anyone that plans to travel and discover new cultures

You can blame the internet for allowing this type of culture to prosper. The internet allows people to stay productive and have a decent income despite being in a different time zone. If you still have no idea on how to do this, here are some tips that you can use.

Evaluate job opportunities

A lot of people think that any job will allow them to travel and have the opportunity to explore the world. In reality, this isn’t the case. There are careers wherein you will need to stay in one place. For instance, small business owners do not have the liberty to travel and work. It is a common scenario when you run a small business that you end up doing some micromanagement.

On the other hand, if you are web designer, then you can submit your work output anywhere you may be as long as there’s an internet connection. You want to make sure that you find a job that allows you mobility and freedom.

Freelancer option

Often times a lot of individuals misunderstand the concept of freelancing. They’d think that these individuals don’t work for 40 hours a week. In fact, this isn’t the case. The only difference they make to an employee is that they don’t have an employee-employer relationship. This means that they are not bound to clock in at a specific time. They can work at any given time of the day, which is very suitable especially for travelers.

Create different streams of income

Being able to travel and work can be difficult but something possible. However, always keep in mind that traveling can be a bit expensive. It is important to always have a backup when you tend to spend money on traveling. This works by having different streams of income. One great way to have some extra cash is to run a website or have your own small business offering products that don’t really require storage.

For instance, photographers get an extra income when they sell photos online. This is also possible when bloggers earn from the traffic their website is producing. Thanks to the internet, there are many other ways on how you can do this. YouTube allows you to get a good amount of money especially when your channel becomes popular.

Evaluate the cost of living of the country

If you are going to travel, it is important to make sure that you can afford it. Can you imagine having an income equivalent to the country’s minimum wage or less and travel? This might not be a good idea. What you want to do is to always evaluate the amount of money that you generate on a weekly basis. Apart from your income, compare how much you are making.

If you plan on traveling, it is a good idea to do the necessary research in order to make things go smoothly. Also, though you are working full time, always make sure that you have a Plan B. If not, this might mean trouble for you.

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December 10, 2016 1:27 am

Working While Traveling

A lot of people today are working even if they are traveling. This allowed them to explore new places while they are also earning money. It has been a practice in the past to stop whatever it is you are doing in order to experience new cultures and new places. A lot of backpackers work extra hard for 8 months to a year, only to travel continuously for the next 4 months.

The downside to this practice is that you might end up restarting your job every now and then, and eventually fail to establish a career. This is the reason why a lot of people are now traveling while they are working. How is this possible?

It should have a remote option

It is possible to work and travel at the same time if you can find a job that allows you to not stay in the office. IT industry is popular for this kind of option. A lot of web developers and web designers are having the freedom to relocate to wherever they want to live in, as long as they can connect to the World Wide Web.

It is a good idea that you evaluate the available careers that gives you this option. For instance, doctors and nurses may not have so much option to travel wherever they want and build a career. The same goes for lawyers. Unfortunately, you will have to give up some dream careers in order to travel and enjoy new places.

Find a career that allows flexibility in schedule

A typical office job requires you to work a nine-to-five shift. If you have plans of traveling, this might not be a good idea. And why is this so? There are times when you want to travel daytime, and work for a few hours at night. The ideal work should allow you to complete the number of working hours for the entire week depending on your availability.

It should pay well

Lastly, the job that you will choose should pay well. In order to travel and work, you want to make sure that you have some buffer. Though you can live in an affordable place and even be picky where you go, it is important that you are saving some cash when you are traveling. Traveling is still an expensive endeavor, and the reality is that your job should be able to finance this passion.

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