5 reasons why using a coupon before ordering online is smart

Shopping on the Internet can be fun, until you realize a few days after your order arrives that you could have bought it cheaper elsewhere. Follow these tips when shopping online, however, and you could find yourself getting some of the lowest prices you have had in years and save a toooon of money, like these guys:


Sign up for rewards programs — Many online merchants have rewards programs that will give you points every time you make a purchase. These points can then be used for a discount on other purchases you make in the future.


Seasonal sales — Many online sellers have seasonal sales that will run right before the season ends. This is the perfect time to buy things you may need next year, as sales can be as high as 50 percent off the regular price.


Use coupon sites — Online coupon sites, like coupon shein, have coupons for just about every major online merchant, as well as coupons for tens of thousands of individual products. Either look for coupons that can be used to buy any product at the merchant you plan on shopping with, or look for coupons for the specific item you will buy.


Keep items in your online shopping cart — A cool tip that works well at many online merchants is to put the items you want to buy in your online shopping cart. Then close out your browser while leaving them there.

Within a couple of days of abandoning the cart, you will often receive an email from the company with a coupon for a discount on those specific items. This is the company’s way of persuading you to come back and buy the items still in your cart.


Deals and discounts sites — There are online sites that specialize in showcasing deals and discounts all over the Internet. Their information is updated several times a day, and they often have information about deals and discounts you may not find through any other means.

Make sure you always check these sites before you make your purchase, as you can save 20, 30 or even 40 percent in some cases.


Shopping apps — You should always have one or two shopping apps downloaded onto your phone as they can quickly search for the cheapest prices on just about any item you could possibly plan to buy.

It is better to have at least two of them, however, as you will find they are each able to locate different merchants and prices.


Comparison sites — Finally, before you make any purchase, always check to see if the site you are going to buy from is the cheapest.

This can be done by running the site through a comparison site. This site will tell you if you are getting the lowest price and, if not, which other sellers are currently selling the product at a cheaper price.