Grow Your Instagram Follower Base Faster

There is no time like now to get to know and use Instagram! This photo-sharing app, which is not only fun and easy to use but also has become growingly popular, has more than 300 million different users every single day and user engagement levels that are sky-high. The company also just announced that they are going to open up different business tools, which includes new profiles just for businesses, analytics and will even have the ability to create different ads from all posts that are directly in the app.

A quick glance back:

With Instagram offering these great brand-friendly features, it is a great idea for businesses to get acquainted using Instagram for their different business marketing needs. There are many different ways that businesses can grow their followers for Instagram, as well as personal accounts being able to grow their follower base, as well. One of the easiest ways to do this is by paying for new followers.

The best way to go about buying followers is by using a company that has a bot which will automatically follow and like different accounts and will then later unfollow them. How this cycle works is that people will see that the account has been followed, they will check out the profile and then they will follow the account themselves. The reason this works so well is because it uses the typical Instagram etiquette. By unfollowing the account, the Instagram account isn’t being bogged down by random accounts that won’t actually create any business by anything other than getting real accounts to follow.

To help the organic aspect of account growth, it is also a good idea to use a lot of different hashtags. Look for different accounts that also are geared towards things similar to the account that is trying to be increased and then follow some of those followers as well as liking some of those posts. The hope is that the users will see that the account engaged with them and will then follow back.

There are many different bots as well as services that can be used to grow Instagram accounts by generating paid followers. The accounts that can be used are abundant and they typically seem as though they are fake. However, with a little researching, real services can be found – such as Boostgram. It is easy to get everything set up and all that has to be done is linking the account with Boostgram and then choosing some different settings and the followers will be on their way! The process typically is the same as finding followers alone but it is quite a bit faster!

Whether looking to grow a business, grow a personal account or just looking for a quick way to gain new followers with the same interests, using a bot service can be an easy way to do this. Although the price can get quite expensive, starting at about $99/month, it can be an easy and efficient way to grow a business. If looking to save some money, growing a followers base the old fashion way can be a lot cheaper but may take longer. The choice is up to each user