Looking for a garage heater? Read this guide first.

Garages offer an excellent solution to problems of space within a house. They can be used for a host of different projects and purposes. However, due to their basic construction, garages are often poorly insulated. This means the temperature of the garage will fluctuate with the weather outside. This makes it difficult or even impossible to work during the colder months. Garage heaters fix this problem by acting as a source of central heating. This is a quick guide suggesting ideas to keep in mind when looking for a garage heater. If you want to check out some more detailed reviews on individual heaters, check out the review section at CatLitterExpert.

Choosing the Right Kind!

Space Heaters

When referring to garage heaters, a majority of people think about the free-standing, mobile heaters. However, there are many different options to choose from. The first step will be to decide which kind fits your needs the best. The main plus behind space heaters is that they are affordable and portable. However, they only have enough power to heat a small amount of space. Propane and kerosene space heaters that lack proper ventilation can release harmful carbon dioxide into the air. Direct-vent space heaters that are installed into a wall and utilize combustion air for heating are also an option.

Wood Stoves

Wood stoves offer a more traditional style of heating, although many will find this method unorthodox for a garage. While these stoves offer an excellent source of warmth, they are not quick to start or finish. They require preparation and stoking to reach maximum warmth. Also, wood stoves will take a considerable amount of time to cool down after use. However, another plus is the ability to use scrap wood and other kindling in the stove. Overall, wood stoves will provide an excellent and reliable source of heating but may not be ideal for certain situations.

Electric Heaters

Electric heaters are among the newer and more modern styles of garage heating. Unlike some propane or kerosene heaters, electric heaters don’t release any harmful chemicals into the air. While these models are very easy and inexpensive to install, they can be expensive to run over the long term. Due to their electrical use, this style of heating is very versatile. It can be installed into the garage floors, baseboards or simply into the wall. This offers home owners more flexibility than the other garage heating options. Furthermore, electric heaters will inevitably take up less space than their bulkier counterparts. More space is always a plus for those consistently working in garages.

An example of a perfect electric garage heater is the NewAir G73:

Heating Power

Another important factor to consider is heating power. Each heating unit will have a maximum output in terms of heat. The space of the garage and the goal temperature will be the most important factors to consider when selecting a heating output.


Due to the volatile nature of space heaters, it is important to consider safety when choosing an electric heater. The size of the garage, the objects in the garage and the amount of use it will receive are all crucial factors to consider when purchasing a garage heater.

So, dump the firewood and heat it up!