Main Differences between AR10 and AR15 (Assault Rifles)


The AR10 was created in Hollywood, California during the mid-1950s. This gun might have been created in Tinseltown, but it certainly wasn’t used in movies as a weapon for battle action heroes or as a prop for on screen stunt men. A weapons designer by the name of Eugene Stoner was the lead engineer for the creation of the AR10.

Stoner’s team developed the AR10 and it became the main product at ArmaLite weapons manufacturing company. However, it wasn’t well received in the arms market. ArmaLite decided to revamp the AR10 and created the AR15. While both weapons have similarities there are some differences. Keep reading to find out what these weapons have in common and their unique qualities.

AR10 Features and Characteristics

The AR10 is a lightweight rifle. It is gas powered and has the ability to shoot up to 700 rounds of .308 rounds. This gun weighs about 10 pounds and is made primarily from aluminum alloy. The unit has a steel barrel. It also has a 20-round detachable box magazine that comes in the form of a 7.62x51mm cartridge. The AR10 has length of 40½-inches and it has a 20-inch barrel.


The AR15 also has a gas-powered firing capability. Nylonite is used to construct this weapon. This weapon weighs up to 8.5 pounds. It is significantly lighter than the AR10. The gun fires a .223-inch caliber. This unit has been designed to hold a 5.56x45mm M193 cartridge with a 20 to 30 round magazine capacity. The AR15 can fire more rounds per minute. It shoots up to 800 rounds per minute. The unit has about the same length as an AR10 (it measures 39.5-inches) and its barrel is about 20-inches also.

What are the primary differences between the AR10 and the AR15?

The AR10 offers users more stopping power and accuracy over a long distance. AR10 operators will have the ability to apply more force in situations where it’s needed. Users that are boxed in can use this powerful weapon to help fight their way out of a corner. This unit is also good for blasting through small barriers and for taking down some larger targets. The AR15 will provide users with more firing speed. Remember this weapon can shoot up to 800 rounds per minute when operated by a professionally trained shooter. AR15 users should be able to hit multiple targets at a rapid pace. This weapon is best suited for mid-range and close combat. A detailed comparison can be found on

It is also a great weapon for holding off many targets. AR15 owners will also have a standardized weapon at their disposal. This gun’s design is used for many modern rifle types. This means that owners can find ammo and parts for their weapons in different places. AR15s are cheaper to purchase and to maintain. Both AR models have been revamped with a modern design. While they are not used as a standard issue rifle for most armies, they are utilized in some capacities by military forces, commercial operations, some law enforcement operations and for gun competitions.

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