Most Enchanting Places To Visit In Croatia

Like many countries in Europe, Croatia loves to boast about the historical ruins and architecture it contains. From fascinating food to magnificent coastlines and mesmerising islands around it, it has always been one of the top places that Europeans enjoy to visit. If Croatia is this attracting and gorgeous now then one may wonder how it was back when in the Romans time. Imagine Medieval cities and amazing palaces that one cannot take eyes off of back then. Well, you still have the chance to go see them for yourself and that is why we will share a couple of the most enchanting places in Croatia that should be on your bucket list.

Medieval Cities of Croatia

Zagreb is the capital of Croatia and the largest city of Croatia. This is the place of academics, buildings, and bational parks which means great for learning and also hiking. One of the national parks in Zagreb is called Krka National Park and has calming and peaceful waterfalls, natural scenery, and wildlife. Korkula, another city in Croatia that is filled with colorful markets and streets, forests, olive trees, and cute villages. Perfect for tourists to see what it’s like to live in Croatia. Split, Zadar, Pula, and Rovinj are other charming and pleasent cities all close to water perfect for swimming and other relaxing activities.

Enchanting Islands and Sights

Croatia has one of the most enchanting islands and one of them is called Bisevo. One of the biggest tourist attractions of Croatia is the Blue Cave. The Blue Cave is located along the coast of Bisevo. Located in the city of Split, with a 10 hour boat drive, it is truly a worthy sight and experience. Imagine slowely drifting into the Blue Cave and seeing luminescent blue water, light, and endless photo opportunities.