The Parker 99R Out Performs Other Safety Razor In 2018

Since the discovery of the razor blade, men have valued the smooth shave. Before it was perfected, many men struggled with the snicks and cuts that they received from inferior blades. It was not uncommon to see men with bandages, and other materials, on their faces after shaving. Modern technology has made it possible for vast improvements in the razor blade. Men can enjoy the smooth shave that was once only afforded by a barber shop, in the privacy of their own home. Manufacturers of the razor blade have made many strides in the improvement of this small, most important grooming device.

Good looks are important

In the fashion conscious society of today, men want to look their best at all times, and this includes a close, smooth shave. Even if they wear a beard, they want the contour to be neat, and well edged, which means using a safety razor blade that will not nick, or cut. To be trendy in the way that the face looks is as important as being trendy in what they wear. For a man, being clean shaven is equivalent to a woman having the most enhancing makeup. Men buy razors for what they hope they can do, but all razors are not created equal.

Getting the best razor for the money

In order to determine which safety razor performs best for men, research studies were done with the assistance of several men from different backgrounds. In the quest to find the best safety razor, these men were given seven top rated razors to test. Without a doubt, the safety razor that rendered the best shave was the Parker 99R. This razor was rated the number one safety razor choice because of the comfort, maneuverability, ease in loading, and its construction material. It got the job done quickly, and without being problematic. A detailed review of it can be found on gazblogs.

The razor that provides fashionable faces

Being the best rated safety razor among the men that were studied, the Parker 99R had very little cuts and nicks, and there was no issue with the men getting the close shave that they desired. This safety razor is not heavy, but is easy to hold and manage. It cleans up easily, and fast. A man could get his shaving done in less time than with razors such as the cartridge styles. Male models have to be just a fashionable as female models, and their faces are what often sell their product. Men who are not models want to look just as good as models, and it starts with the face.

The Parker 99R safety razor has a brass handle that is chrome plated, and a butterfly balanced design. It is not only eye appealing, but it is virtually impossible to have a shaving experience that is anything but good. Many of the popular brands of safety razors were tested during this two month trial, but none out performed the Parker 99R.

There is no need to worry about cuts on fingers or hands, it is as easy to load as a flash light battery.