Various Uses of Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy floors are often used in garages in both homes and businesses. Epoxy does have other uses as well, however. Uses many people do not think about when they are considering having new flooring installed in a home, office or industrial building.

Epoxy in homes — Epoxy is definitely considered a popular flooring choice when it comes to a garage floor. It is not thought of as often, however, when it comes to having epoxy floors installed in a kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms or a living room.

In fact, epoxy floors can be laid anywhere in a home and nowadays often are laid everywhere in a home by specialized contractors like epoxy floors Austin. Especially as epoxy is hard-wearing, looks beautiful especially when buffed to a high shine, and can be stained in any color you could possibly want.

Consider having epoxy floors laid in your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room or home office, and think about the colors you would like. Just remember, the epoxy can be stained to perfectly match your furniture, your wallpaper or even your curtains.

You just have to furnish the epoxy company with a color swatch, and they will be able to match it perfectly for you.

Epoxy in offices — One of the more recently popular choices for epoxy floors is those that are now being laid in office spaces around the world.

This is because epoxy floors became popular in office buildings when people began to realize they look beautiful, they seem to be very industrial in style, and they are durable and scratch-resistant.

This means if you are having new flooring laid in your office and are considering something like hardwood, think again. After all, hardwood will scratch and wear down whereas epoxy floors are far more durable and often completely scratch-resistant.

If you want to have flooring in your office that is going to look just as nice five years from now as it does the day it was laid, then epoxy floors should be the first choice you consider.

Epoxy flooring in warehouses and industrial areas — Epoxy has also become very popular in warehouses and in industrial areas.

Durability is a big factor in the decision to use it in these types of buildings, along with it being easy to clean when water and chemical spills occur.

Epoxy is also oil stain-resistant, so if you have machinery that uses oil and worry about spills causing damage to the floors, it is definitely a flooring you should look into further.

The main reasons for epoxy — It does not really matter where you would like to have epoxy floors laid, as it is perfectly appropriate for all of them.

It is primarily chosen for all the above mentioned areas due to its durability, epoxy being scratch and stain-resistant and how pretty it looks when it is laid.

As it is also possible to have epoxy floors in any color you could possibly imagine, it is a very cheap way to have a custom look you would pay much more money for if you went with hardwood, carpeting or tile.